AnswerOn is an industry leader and one of the first companies to specialize in People Analytics. But what is People Analytics? On a basic level, People Analytics is using predictive analytics on intrinsic employee related variables to try and discern a pattern in behavior. The analysis of a number of employees can reveal the “pulse” or “heartbeat” of an organization.

How is that helpful? Used correctly, People Analytics can make employees more productive, content at the workplace, and greater satisfaction with each other.

How does AnswerOn apply People Analytics? AnswerOn has developed patent pending technology which allows us to detect and predict an employee’s beginning “lack of engagement” at his company. We then use another predictive technology, Multi-Dimensional Offer Optimization™ (MDOO™), to discern the best way to address the dissatisfaction and re-engage the employee.

Our results are outstanding. On average, we have seen a 30% improvement in year over year satisfaction, 20% improvement in hiring costs, and a 15% net margin increase for our customers.

It doesn’t end there, AnswerOn has mapped out technology and systems throughout the entire employee lifecycle. The end result of investing in your employees, is a demonstrable return on investment.